This is a work in progress collection for an animation film project about hungry women* in different shades.

The hungry body lusts for food, sex and strength, while the hungry mind is longing for control over the body, empowerment, autonomy, creative expression and much more. The female hunger has grown over centuries and through oppression became something unique and self-contained.

In the process of developing a storyline for the moving image, i experiment with the combination of textual content and the still image.

I overdraw pictures a few times, use these different states and change words and phrases. The mutual impact between text and image layer as well as the changing of them, allow me to approach a topic in an intuitive way. With this project i will try to draw a line around the female hunger. Vague, raw and with an open mouth.





Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-16 um 12.31.10

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